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16th October 2016 saw the Sydney Sanskrit School community hosting its annual day- Samskrutotsvam at Roselea Community Centre. Opening the event with a melodious rendition of Mahaganapatim, Skanda Jagadeesh engrossed the audience. Mr Karthikeyan Subramanian (President and Founder member of the Sydney Sanskrit School) and Mrs Meera Jagadeesh (Teacher and Founder member of the Sydney Sanskrit School) humbly welcomed the audience to the Dashamanotsva Samarambhah which marked a celebration of a significant milestone of the Sydney Sanskrit School.

When the young MCs- Lavanya Raman and Sumukha Jagadeesh introduced all the students of the Sydney Sanskrit School to perform the Australian national anthem in Daarug (Aboriginal language), English and Sanskrit, the audience was enthralled. This was followed by a traditional invocation of Medha Devi- an embodiment of knowledge through Vedic chanting by Vedabrahma Shri Ramachandra Athreiya and Vedabrahma Shri Venkatraman. As the lamp was lit by Shrimati Veda Srinivasan, Shrimati Saroj Srinivasan, Shrimati Meera Jagadeesh and Shrimati Usha Athreiya, the students of the Wentworthville location of Sydney Sanskrit School- Ankita Iyengar, Srushti Deo, Rithaja Shankaran, Vandana Sateesha enticed the audience with their confident and fluent recitation of the Deep Jwalanam stotram. What followed next was a vibrant performance by Aneri Patel, Tanvi Patel, Aastha Patel, Vishvaa Patel, Aadya Dave, Naisargi Patel, Preeti Patel, Madhavi Patel, Moksha Joshi, Iksha Joshi and Vipra Patel that marked off the beginning of the cultural extravaganza.

With heads held high, two students of the Sydney Sanskrit School- Manasvinee Karthikeyan and Shalini Rao then gave the audience and their friends- Lalith Lakkaraju, Shweta Ramakanth, Shiv Senthil, Khushal Manohar and Sachith Lakkaraju a sneak peek into the ease and versatility of learning Sanskrit. Interweaving the play with an action song performed by Nidhi Srinivas, Avaani Narayan, Vinoda Sundar, Hanisha Aiyer, Dhriti Manohar, Ishan Ravikumar, Dheemanth Balaram, Anjini Kaushik, Tara Kaushik, Pankaj Gowda, Anukshana Krishnan and Abhay Chikmagalur; the group of friends are left spellbound and they decide to join the Sydney Sanskrit School with the phrase- जयतु जयतु संस्कृतं echoing in the auditorium. As the evening built up, plays written by school principal, Dr. Meena Srinivasan, was eloquently performed by Glenfield and Liverpool students which astounded the audience who praised the fluency, tone and diction of the students. The play by the Glenfield students- Anurag Dhar, Ratnal Chandurkar, Swara Rabade, Devika Naik, Lavanya Methil and Rhucha Joglekar conveyed the importance of conservation of trees for the betterment of the environment. Reinforcing social messaging, tiny tots of the Glenfield group-  Tanisha Shankar, Niyant Marwaha, Nimisha Marwaha, Meera Methil and Anika paid tribute to the Indian farmers by donning the avatar of Indian farmers through an action song composed and choreographed by the teachers of the Sydney Sanskrit School. The students of the Liverpool group- Vikram Sundar, Varun Kanagasabapathi, Adi Senthil, Skanda Jagadeesh, Aarya Chikmagalur, Tarun Bhatt, Avishant Narayan and Atharva Ramakanth intrigued the audience and took them back in the Mahabharata era through their play- Yaksha Prashna. A dance performance by Shrimati Aruna Gandhi and a melodious song recital by the parents of the Sydney Sanskrit School was an enjoyable treat for everyone.

Sydney Sanskrit School Youth Group members culminated their wonderful memories in a video for the founder members of the Sydney Sanskrit School showcasing the epitome of success that makes an everlasting positive impact on students. The versatility of school learning was further emphasised as the prize winners and participants in the school’s Bhagavad Gita Competition in August 2016 were bestowed their trophies by Dr Geoff Lee and Mr Paul Lynch. Throughout the program, distinguished guests- Mr Vijay Singhal, Mr B Vanlalvan, Mr Les Bursill, Mr Raj Dutta, Mr Albert Vella, Dr Saroja Srinivasan, Prof Nihal Agar and Mrs Veda Srinivasan commended and encouraged the students to continue learning and showcasing their talents in Sanskrit.

The event concluded with the Vice President, Avichal Narayan delivering the Vote of thanks and singing of Vande Mataram by the teachers of the Sydney Sanskrit School. A delicious dinner was served at the conclusion of the event which was thoroughly enjoyed by one and all.

Kudos to the tireless efforts and dedication of several volunteers, parents, teachers and students, Dashamanotsva Samarambhah was a grand success.


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