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Sanskrit, in true Dharmic traditions, does not have a dogmatic set of rules in terms of religion, spirituality, nature, culture, science and so on. The quest to knowledge, constantly questioning the known, seeking to understand the unknown is inherent in Dharmic and is reflected in Sanskrit literature. It is no coincidence that all issues of Medhā reflect this spirit in questioning spirituality. This is to be viewed as a thirst of knowledge towards perfection the inner self (Atman) than dismiss it as speculative and ignorance.

In this edition of Medhā, we once again present a diverse set of articles that delve into science, psychology, metaphysics and Upanishads.  Last year we had an article in Medhā looking into the Ancient Egyptian culture and Horus, the Royal Force, which clearly portrays the Egyptian way of linking the kingship with the divine. This year’s Medha is distinguished with articles on Aboriginal Australia from an eminent and respected Dharawal Elder, Les Bursill, the Romany celebrations in Sofala near Sydney, a dwell in early Egyptian civilisation besides Philosophy, astronomy and wellbeing articles from Indian and Sanskrit texts.


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