Sanskrit Classes

Children’s Classes

Sanskrit is an ancient language of India and is the community language .To understand the ancient Texts, it is an essential Language. 90% of the Indian Language has Sanskrit words and it is the Mother of Indo-European Languages. The sequence of learning experiences from different skills helps the student’s progress in the language.

The Sydney Sanskrit School has created and follows a structured syllabus that is based upon recognition that children’s formative learning experiences will often involve using technology. The purpose of this syllabus is to assist students undertaking Sanskrit, to ultimately develop the skills to converse, write and read in the language. As Sanskrit is a well framed and strictly structured language, learning the language will further enhance their ability to learn other languages easily, and apply these effective learning skills in other aspects of their life. Students will be able to appreciate the intricacy of the language, and comprehend the profundity of the culture behind it.

As Australia is a multicultural society with English as the main language, acquaintance with different languages has becoming increasingly popular. Sanskrit attends to this notion by assisting students in not only speaking this language, but also adding to their knowledge of the language and its heritage, and diversifying their awareness and experience of the world.

The main objectives of the school are to:

  • Impart Sanskrit learning to enable students to converse, read and write in the language
  • Comprehend first hand Sanskrit literature relating to Vedas, Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality, Culture and History
  • Enable students appreciate the classic significance of the language, its role/influence in their own personal development, local and universal cultures.

The school operates on all Sundays, except school and public holidays. Weekly classes are held at:

Marsden Road Public School

Marsden Road


NSW 2170.

For the purposes of learning students are divided into the following groups:

Early Stage 1:               Age 4 – 6

Stage 1:                          Age 7 – 9

Stage 2:                         Age 10 – 12

Stage 3:                         Age 13 – 15

Advanced                    Age 16 – 18

To obtain efficiency in the application of the language, students need to undertake a minimum of 7-9 years of rigorous practice. This will ensure students understand the structure, development and complexity of the language, and are able to apply it in a sophisticated manner.

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Adult Classes

The Sydney Sanskrit School runs regular ‘Spoken Sanskrit’ classes for the adults. These classes are tailored according to the needs of the adult learner. Content of these classes ranging from beginners class in learning Sanskrit to learning a specific text such as Vishnu Sahasranamam.

For more information contact Dr Meenakshi Srinivasan on 0423 457 343.

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