School Newsletter – Dhimahi

Dhimahi Issue 8

धीमहि, Dhimahi(ISSN-2200-6184), the name of the newsletter of the School of Vedic Sciences, is a term familiar to not only the Vedic students but to all those acquainted with Hindu culture as it forms part of the Gayathri  Mantra.  This Gayathri  Mantra is a Rig Vedic hymn in Gayathri  metre invoking the blessings of Savitr Deva, one of the Adityas.

The main objectives of Dhimahi are:

  1. To communicate to public the activities of Sydney Sanskrit School and its parent organization, School of Vedic Science.
  2. To serve as a forum of feedback for students and their parents and other well-wishers.
  3. To publish snippets of Vedic and Classic Sanskrit texts and literature.
  4. To acknowledge through its columns the support received from sister organizations, press and members of public, in its activities.


School Magazine – Medha

Medha 2013

‘Medhā’ (ISSN-2200-6192) meaning ‘intellectual knowledge’  – is an annual publication produced by the Sydney Sanskrit School. This magazine provides an opportunity to all the community members interested in learning and preserving the ancient yet computer perfect language – Sanskrit, to share their ideas and express their opinions about it. The theme of the magazine is ‘Sanskrit as the language of knowledge’.

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