Since its inception in 2006, our school has accomplished the following in the academic and cultural arena.

  • Senior students are able to read and write short stories in Sanskrit. They are able to understand and decipher the meaning of Chankya Neethi and sutras in Vedic mathematics. They can also create simple rhymes in Sanskrit. They have made a picture chart to practice Sanskrit vocabulary in the class.
  • Junior students are able to read the syllables and their associated words. They are able to fluently write the syllables and some sight words. They have created A-AA word book in Sanskrit as a class room activity.
  • Both senior and junior students are exposed to a wide variety of auditory experiences to listen and appreciate Sanskrit language.
  • Students are provided with multi-media (i.e. mp3 recordings) for listening.
  • Students are trained to participate in various cultural activities to present cultural items in Sanskrit for e.g. In Samskrutotsavam 2010, the junior and senior students performed a drama on ‘Matturu Graamam’ in Sanskrit.
  • On the occasion of Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Teacher’s Day, the students have prepared greeting cards in Sanskrit.
  • In April 2011, we have published ‘Bindu Varṇavarṇinī, a unique Sanskrit copywriting book. This “Bindu Varṇavarṇinī”  handwriting workbook is first of its kind created by theSydneySanskritSchool provides a comprehensive way of writing Sanskrit characters and numerals. Writing of the letter is taught through ‘join the dots’ method. This method is very familiar among the kids and focuses on letter recognition.
  • In March 2011, we launched our bi-monthly newsletter ‘Dhimahi’. This newsletter aims to act as a platform for our school community as well as community members at large to contribute and share articles, opinions and achievements in the field of Sanskrit.

Work in progress

Dr Meenakshi Srinivasan, founder and principal of this school is constantly working towards creation of tools and methods to achieve our vision. Currently, she is working on creation of text books, language instructor training programs and other multi-media services for students interested in learning Sanskrit. Details of some of the work currently underway is given below:

A set of 3 text books comprising of concepts for Junior (ages 5-14) and Senior (15-18) groups. These books are

  • Aimed at developing and improving basic language skills – listening, reading and writing
  • Graded systematically to help children progress naturally
  • Designed to help children learn the Sanskrit language in relation to their daily life.

The contents of these books will help the children to understand and communicate in Sanskrit and use the language correctly to appreciate the vast Vedic literature. The children are also exposed to the rhythm and melody of Sanskrit through rhymes and learn to appreciate and enjoy the language.

In 2011, we have finalised the content of the three books i.e.

  • ‘RamaH Kutra’ for juniors that introduces Sanskrit to the beginners
  • ‘Kaaka -Grudra Kathaa’ for juniors with mid range Sanskrit language skills, and
  • ‘Rahasya Anveshanam’ for seniors with advanced Sanskrit language skills

These books are aimed to published in 2013.