We seek your support in our endeavour to preserve Sanskrit as a community language. Inspiring youth to learn Sanskrit will help us conserve the linguistic heritage and your support in this regard will be very much appreciated. We recognise the value of your sponsorship using which we are better able to grow our mission and reach more children each year, thus promoting Sanskrit as a community language.

Download the Sydney Sanskrit School – Sponsorship Proposal 2012-13.

Our Organisation

Sydney Sanskrit School is engaged in the preservation and promotion of Sanskrit in Australia. Sydney Sanskrit School was founded in 2006 under the auspices of School of Vedic Sciences (Aust) Inc. It is the first Sanskrit school established in the Southern Hemisphere with the objectives to

Impart Sanskrit learning to enable students to converse, read and write in the language

Comprehend first hand Sanskrit literature relating to Vedas, Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality, Culture and History

Enable students appreciate the classic significance of the language, its role/influence in their own personal development, local and universal cultures.

The school operates on all Sundays, except school and public holidays. Weekly classes are held at: Marsden Road Public school, Marsden Road, Liverpool, NSW 2170.

Our Vision

Our vision is to “disseminate the knowledge of Sanskrit language to our younger generation through formal learning environment so that they can learn this language with ease and use it in their daily life to appreciate and understand the significance of the Vedic literature in our current modern day life”

Our Motto


॥ न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशम्॥

‘Nahi Jnanena Sadrsham’ meaning nothing is comparable  to knowledge. 

Knowledge of Sanskrit to our younger generation will open the doors for further exploration and research in to the vast Vedic literature which is still so relevant and of high importance in this technological world.