The Principal

The myth that Sanskrit is difficult, incomprehensible, boring and dull was shattered by Dr Meena Srinivasan, a PhD in Sanskrit with over twenty years of teaching Sanskrit. Having worked with Samaskritha Bharati, an institution that saw the revival of Sanskrit across the length and breadth of India, Meena had conducted over 2000 camps in her association with the organisation. The unparalleled experience, coupled with her academic qualification, employment in academic institutions in Bangalore teaching Sanskrit at the graduate and post graduate levels a boon to those who were eager yet unable to learn the language professionally. Dr Meenakshi also

  • Is the founder Principal of Sydney Sanskrit School
  • Teaches Hindi at the Department of Indian Sub-
  • Continental Studies at University of Sydney
  • Conducts Vishnu Sahasranamam classes weekly
  • Conducts spoken Sanskrit classes
  • Is a guest speaker for National Art Gallery
  • Conducts Sanskrit Teacher Training programs
  • and workshops
  • Choreographs Sanskrit dance and drama.

She can be contacted at